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Resort Area Province Date Week(s) Size Price Levy RCI Season Select
Umhlanga Sands UmhlangaKZN19-Apr-2020 to 26-Apr-2020161 bed 431000.00R67803300Red
La RochelleSt LuciaKZN27-Dec-2019 to 03-Jan-2020M013 bed 627000.00R57559250Peak 4
Mabalingwe Bela BelaLimpopo20-Sep-2019 to 27-Sep-2019380 bed 43500.00R51714510Peak 3
Mabalingwe Bela BelaLimpopo03-Jan-2020 to 10-Jan-202012 bed 616500.00R76558030Peak 3
Mabula Lodge Bela BelaLimpopo04-Apr-2020 to 11-Apr-2020141 bed 48500.00R85384125Red
Mount Amanzi HartbeespoortNorth West27-Dec-2019 to 03-Jan-2020521 bed 548000.00R43765150Peak 4
Ngwenya Lodge KomatipoortMpumalanga25-Oct-2019 to 01-Nov-2019N302 bed 650000.00R54564950Red
Pearly ShellsSouth CoastKZN13-Dec-2019 to 27-Dec-201950 & 511 bed 435000.00TBA7250Peak 3 & 4
Sondela Bela BelaLimpopo20-Sep-2019 to 27-Sep-2019P63 bed 619999.00R80207550Peak 3
Umhlanga Cabanas UmhlangaKZN13-Dec-2019 to 27-Dec-201951 & 522 bed 6199000.00R5160p/w5550Peak 3
Umhlanga Sands UmhlangaKZN22-Feb-2020 to 01-Mar-202081 bed 410500.00R67802600White
Umhlanga Sands UmhlangaKZN01-Mar-2020 to 08-Mar-202091 bed 410500.00R67802600White
La Montagne BallitoKZN08-Apr-2020 to 15-Apr-2020143 bed 623000.00TBA6820Red
Kwa MaritanePilanesburgNorth West13-Sep-2019 to 20-Sep-2019383 bed 826000.00R91006325Red
Kridzil MargateKZN10-Jan-2020 to 17-Jan-202022 bed 69500.00TBA3550Peak 1
Champagne SportsDrakensbergKZN13-Dec-2019 to 20-Dec-2019P93 bed 8145000.00R901711950Peak 3
Club HaciendaSouth CoastKZN28-Mar-2020 to 04-Apr-2020133 bed 815000.00R80234510Red
Club HaciendaSouth CoastKZN04-Apr-2020 to 11-Apr-2020142 bed 612000.00R54393300Red
Dikhololo BritsNorth West27-Dec-2019 to 03-Jan-2020523 bed 645000.00R65738910Peak 4
Drakensberg SunDrakensbergKZN27-Sep-2019 to 04-Oct-2019392 bed 615000.00R112005600Red
Durban SpaDurbanKZN20-Sep-2019 to 27-Sep-2019B041 bed 68999.00R41983993Peak 3
Kridzil MargateKZN03-Jan-2020 to 10-Jan-202012 bed 613500.00TBA4900Peak 3
Champagne SportsDrakensbergKZN06-Dec-2019 to 13-Dec-2019P83 bed 8120000.00R901711950Peak 3
Chaka's Rock ChaletsNorth CoastKZN27-Dec-2019 to 03-Jan-2020522 bed 6125000.00R57487480Peak 4
Chaka's Rock ChaletsNorth CoastKZN28-Mar-2020 to 04-Apr-2020133 bed 828000.00R74585170Red
CastleburnDrakensbergKZN20-Dec-2019 to 27-Dec-2019P103 bed 659000.00R743911600Peak 4
BakubungPilanesburgNorth West06-Dec-2019 to 13-Dec-2019P72 bed 649000.00R80538250Peak 3
Resort Area Province Date Week(s) Size Price Levy RCI Season

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